Orange Optic – Budapest – Interview

Orange was established in order to satisfy the needs of sophisticated clients of today. In addition to high quality, person-centered services, a spectacles and designs that offer solutions that go beyond the classically interpreted concept of glasses. The team continually strives to find the most suitable spec that fits the lifestyle, philosophy and character of a client, which could also function as a perfect accessory. We are happy to have them as stockist in Budapest, so we sat down with them for an interview. Read on!


— Will you tell us a bit about the beginnings? When did you open Orange and what was the idea behind? What kind of place did you envision?

We opened in December 2007, so exactly 10 years ago. The owner wanted to create more like a designer store than something very fashionable. That is why he chose Király street as location that was a rather calm and laid-back street back then. Today the whole street has changed; both the atmosphere and the audience.

— What’s special about the store in your opinion?

One of the things we never do is advertising. We believe that a good product, a good concept sells itself. Due to the same reasons we barely do sales, instead we have fortune cookies during the Christmas period. It’s more like a nice gesture towards our customers. Another thing that differentiates us a is our gallery-like approach to the store’s interior and customers. We enjoy the process of matching the different characters with different models from various brands. The spectacles are grouped by brands and are easily accessible for trying the on.

— Who’s your customer basis?

Most of them have a background in the fields of art and design. They appreciate handmade frames that are unique and have prime quality and not least brands, that have a story to tell. We operate with a great basis of loyal customers and due to the location quite many international clients.

— How do you choose your brands?

The way we do it is that we travel to MIDO Milan and SILMO Paris eyewear fairs twice a year and choose our favorite brands. We currently have 15 brands both local and international ones. In Milan for instance the buyers are more open for the colors, while in Paris the focus is on the models. Also Thinwood was present at SILMO Paris, which is a great step towards international recognition.

— What caught your attention when it comes to Thinwood?

We were hooked by the fresh and innovative initiative Arnold Kis’brand represents. It really adds a new meaning to wooden frames thanks to it’s super-lightness and flexibility. One of its top characteristics are the quality and the handmade material he uses for the spectacles. The designer creates both optical spectacles and sunglasses range that are suitable for almost all face-types.

— What are the qualities you would mention as a competitive advantage for an eyewear brand besides price and quality?

I would say that other than the price, quality and uniqueness are the real advantages. Also the fact that it is hand-made adds a great plus to the brands’identity.