About us

Thinwood is a promising new company founded in Budapest in 2015. We specialise in innovative designer eyewear using only superior quality light-weight wood. All our are hand-crafted frames come in a wide range of harmonious colour combinations and can be fitted with prescription lenses. Our aim is to offer our customers a unique product: wooden frames that are not only strong, flexible and comfortable to wear, but are stylish and light-weight at the same time. 
Our collection has been designed and hand-crafted in Hungary using expertise gained over a long time. Each Thinwood frame is hand made and goes through more than 50 steps during the manufacturing process. Right from the start we do everything ourselves: the design, the careful choice of materials, even the final polishing. We believe that Thinwood frames are timeless and offer a natural, stylish alternative to traditional frames. 


Our philosophy

We believe that future lies in the rediscovery of creativeness, that through human handcraft and creativity such unique products can be born, which will mean a new quality in the usefulness and delight of products.