Our work

Frames should be comfortable. As Thinwood frames are made from extremely light-weight wood, they weigh only about 3-8 grams. They are equipped with silicone nose pads and special temples that ensure that your glasses stay put on your face and do not slip. As a result, Thinwood frames are extremely comfortable to wear. Due to these features our frames are easy to wear and it feels like people wouldn’t wear. These glasses are the most comfortable wooden eyewear.   

The durable light-weight wooden material we use provides a flexibility similar to titanium frames. Our frames can tolerate just as much wear and tear as classic, solid wood frames. Considering the light weight of our products, we are sure that Thinwood frames come on top in strength/weight comparison. We are proud to provide a lifetime guarantee for all the parts made entirely by us. As we carefully hand select all the materials and supervise the entire manufacturing process, we are sure you will not find any fault with our frames.
In order to guarantee maximum comfort and durability, each frame is designed and manufactured with great precision. The ergonomic design and flexibility of the thin material ensure that your Thinwood glasses will not slip, but stay put on your face. We think that glasses should be an ornament people can wear and should be not only harmonious with your features, but should also provide maximum comfort to wear throughout the day.

Thinwood has re-defined the concept of lightness and strength of wooden glasses frames. Although the wood we use is so special that the frame is only 0.6 millimetres thin before coating (the final width is less also than 1 millimetre), the frame remains flexible and strong at the same time. The technical specifications are similar to titanium eyewear. We are proud to say that Thinwood eyeglasses are the thinnest and the lightest in the World.